– Make America Go It Alone –

The U.S. is no longer a world leader. Every world leadership position the five previous Presidents secured to give the U.S. enormous peaceful negotiating power Trump gave away. The G8, Paris Accord, Nuclear Treaty, W.H.O. and threatening the United Nations… they all depend on leaders being able to work with each other… but that was too hard for Trump, and like everything else that is too hard for him he gave up, blamed everyone else and walked away.

Now the world looks to Russia and China for leadership… Trump handed them the leader roles on a silver plater.

We no longer can use our money or allied connections to negotiate peacefully. All the U.S. has left is the threat of war.

Trump could not use money anyway because he gave billions of our tax dollars to his millionaire cronies, drove the deficit beyond staggering limits and has left the U.S. with a fragile dollar.

Why, because Trump thinks he and the U.S. are better than anyone else and the way to make America Great is to Go It Alone. And we are now alone, with him. His Go-it-alone policy has divided the U.S. from the rest of the world, divided the states from the nation and divided the people against each other.

Everyday he continues to make millions of dollars, not even running his own companies, that he will cash in after his presidential reality show ends. Coal miners still won’t have new jobs and Americans will not have earned any more than before he was in office.

People will continue to love him for his bad behaviour because it legitimizes their own. They will continue to listen to him because he is a professional actor and entertains them, and they will buy his bull because he is a professional salesman who can sell a worthless Make America Great insurance policy to a nation that was already great.

Most of all, he will continue to stick his nose in the air and close the door on our neighbours who are literally running from their homes begging for help from us, while ordering the deaths of thousands overseas and overlooking the deaths of thousands at home; all while he laughs on the way to withdrawal billions from his Chinese bank.

* Then, in November, we shall take a mighty sword made of paper, place a small dot upon it, and the great salesman will no longer be my employee. Though his cries of separation from this attachment will be many, we will know we will both be better for it.